The main features of the cooling vest by cooling jackets supplier

From Phase change cooling vest factory, The main features of the cooling vest : 1. Can be carried freely without affecting movement or exercise.
2. The design of the vest is completely in line with the human body shape, suitable for wearing close to the body, and the cooling energy is distributed evenly.
3. Constant temperature effect, some models can adjust the temperature.
4. Super long cooling time (5-6 hours for single use), which can be recycled by adding a cold source.
5. Small size, light weight, no weight worries; system equipment is about 2 kg.

Beijing Daiting New Material Technology Co., Ltd. We are a production factory that provides phase change cooling vests, for all kinds of people. With the patent of this unique technology, our company specializes in developing and producing light weight and nice fitting body cooling suit for all kinds of people who need to against heat stress. These cooling jackets could produce cooling temperature in a few minutes and hold a comfortable temperature for the user. We believe our products will be helpful for the people whom need to work under the hot environment.