Features of cooling jacket for summer

From Phase change cooling vest factory, Heatstroke prevention and cooling vest, also known as cooling vest, ice vest, freezing vest, cooling vest, heat-resistant vest or air-conditioning vest, is an armor against heat radiation, a shield against high temperature damage, and the most effective, economical and safest way to reduce human body temperature. easy way. In a high temperature environment, human physiological functions, especially body temperature regulation, water and salt metabolism, blood circulation and other functions are abnormally changed. For example, a lot of sweating will increase the burden on the cardiovascular system. If the high temperature exceeds the human body's tolerance, it will reduce work efficiency and affect judgment. In severe cases, it will cause heatstroke, and in more serious cases, sudden death. In a high-temperature environment without air conditioners or other refrigeration equipment, how to reduce the temperature of the human body through its own devices to combat the troubles caused by heat is a topic that researchers from all over the world are studying.

Beijing Daiting New Material Technology Co., Ltd. We are a production factory that provides phase change cooling vests, for all kinds of people. With the patent of this unique technology, our company specializes in developing and producing light weight and nice fitting body cooling suit for all kinds of people who need to against heat stress. These cooling jackets could produce cooling temperature in a few minutes and hold a comfortable temperature for the user. We believe our products will be helpful for the people whom need to work under the hot environment.