Types of Global Cooling Vests by phase change cooling vest factory

From Phase change cooling vest factory, Types of Global Cooling Vests : 1. The first cooling vest that uses cold gel or phase change material as a cold source. This material is injected or inserted into the vest, and the vest can be kept cold for 20-40 minutes after being frozen. It is easy to use and cheap. , most companies around the world produce this type of cooling vest.
2. The second is to use air compression refrigeration, but the cost of air compression refrigeration is extremely high, and the air compressor is large and heavy, which is not suitable for mobile use.
3. The third type is the micro-fan blowing sweat and heat removal, that is, the micro-fan cooling clothing. This product is equivalent to a fan. need.
4. The fourth type is a cooling vest that uses a semiconductor cold sheet as a cold source. This product has higher requirements for power and heat dissipation.
5. The last one is cooling through cooling water circulation, commonly known as water-cooled ice vest and cooling vest. The cold energy is introduced into the cold source through circulating water, thereby reducing the temperature of human skin and blood. The actual use of water cooling has proved that the cooling effect on the human body is 3 times that of air cooling.

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