Keep your body cool at 18 ℃, Let the cool surround you!

Air Conditioning Vest !

Battery powered, Keep cooling down for 6-8 hours, Body temperature > 35℃, Poor cooling effect, low efficiency in high temperature environment.

Gel Cooling Vest !

Somatosensory temperature of 0°C is not good for health. The temperature is maintained for a duration of 2 hours. Reuse the cold storage time for 8 hours.

Water/air cooling vest

Battery-driven, continuous cooling for about 4 hours, body feeling 15 ℃, self-contained air compressor/carrying bulky water tank, expensive.

Phase change cooling Vest !

Maintain a constant temperature of 18 ℃ for 4 hours, Put the cooling bags in fridge or ice water for 25 minutes, it's reused. The service life of the cooling bag is 3 years.