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Thermostatic 18 ℃

Time to use again: 25mins

Phase change cooling agent

3 years of service life

About Chillyfly Company

We are a production factory that provides phase change cooling vests. With 18°C constant temperature phase change technology, we have designed cooling jackets for police officers, motorcycle riders, outdoor workers and high temperature workers.

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    Thermostatic 18 ℃

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Phase change cooling vest, when you work in high temperatures, Keep your body cool at 18 ℃.

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Phase Change Cooling Vest

In hot summer, or in a high temperature environment, our body is prone to getting sick. We have discovered a new type of high-tech material - phase-change ice. It is different from ordinary 0 ℃ ice cubes, it will make our body more comfortable and last longer. It is also different from the air conditioning vest, it will not lose its effect due to the high temperature around it.

Product Details Cooling Vest

Brand: chillyfly, Function: cooling vest, Color: blue/fluorescent, Fabric: anti-static polyester cotton, Size: free size (adjustable 45X62cm), Cooling agent: 33X13cm, weight: 450g, quantity4 pieces, Phase transition temperature: 18℃, Cold storage time: ice water or refrigerator for 25 minutes, Lifespan: 3 years, Storage method: lay flat in a cool and dry place, away from fire and high temperature.

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Applicable people Cooling Vest

The high temperature in summer makes the outdoor workers - traffic police, construction workers, firefighters, couriers and motorcycle riding; Indoor staff - steelworkers, cooks, etc. Affected by the high temperature, it's very hard. Our cool clothes - cool vest, let cool always accompany you!

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